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Raft Data Center

1.5 MW Capacity, Fully Assembled Container
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Raft RDC·1500 is a portable, modular data center designed to house large-scale bitcoin mining operations. The platform facilitates easy power and network connection for your hardware, in a weatherproof, passively-cooled, CSC certified shipping container.

The RDC·1500 Power option comes pre-installed with 18 x Raft Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for each rack.

Form Factor40 ft High Cube
Dimensions12500 x 2440 x 3200 mm
Max Weight19000 kg
Operating Temperature-20 — 40 C
Number of Miners378
Power Input400 VAC 3-phase
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Cabling Input19 x 3-phase
Maximum Load1.5 MW
Power Draw (loaded with
378 MV7 Miners)
~1.25 MW
Suitable CommunicationsADSL, Fibre, 5G/4G, Satellite
PDUs (Power option only)18 x 125A Smart PDUs with 24 C19 outlets, switched
and monitored per outlet — view product